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The Most Character-Building and Innovative School in the Middle East

Sunmarke provides an ambitious and inspiring values-based education nurturing the hearts and minds of young boys and girls so that they can flourish and achieve their dreams. We transform young lives.

Powered by our unique, leading-edge Signature Programmes, we are an incredibly innovative school reshaping and inspiring tomorrow’s generation.

We are one of the few schools to offer both the IB and A Levels curriculum pathways, as well as the BTECs.We are amongst the top 5 schools in Dubai, as seen in our outstanding IB and A Level results, top university placements, and notable student achievements in the arts, sports, and extracurriculars.

We are a recognised global leader in Positive Education – a paradigm shift in education worldwide – where it’s proven that truly outstanding teaching and learning can be attained only by developing “academic excellence and personal accomplishments” as well as “wellbeing and character”.

Backed by Fortes Education’s rich history of over 40 years in academia, Sunmarke is rated “Outstanding” by the British School Overseas Inspection Authority and “Very Good” by KHDA.








Why Sunmarke?

Our Signature Programmes

STEAM & Design Thinking

Students work on interdisciplinary projects that follow the Stanford Design Thinking process. They sharpen their critical thinking and project management skills while building and coding, mechanical, electrical and robotic control systems.

Positive Education Ethos

Sunmarke is a lighthouse school and recognised global leader in Positive Education where the development of character, values and wellbeing are anchor our school ethos.

A-Levels, IB, GCSE & BTEC Pathways

Sunmarke offers a broad based curriculum in the IB, A-Levels and BTECs equipping providing students with multiple pathways to meet their future career aspirations.

The Sunmarke MBA

Developed in conjunction with Peter Jones Academy for Entrepreneurship and the University of Birmingham MBA programme, students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, work in Sunmarke’s Venture Incubator, and pitch their projects to our Shark Tank judges.

Environment And Sustainability

To increase awareness about critical issues facing the planet, students are offered tailored courses and inspired to take up research projects in sustainability and the environment.

Performing Arts, Media & Communication

Artistically inclined students can pursue a deeply arts-infused programme in music, theatre, the visual arts, dance, and media and communications to pursue their passion and creative interests.

AI Learning Platform

With technology being the key to thrive in today’s fast-paced world, Sunmarke offers a next-generation AI-driven learning platform that enhances education through self-paced problem solving.

Virtual Reality Education

Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) programme takes students on a transformative and immersive journey enabling them to experience scientific, artistic, historical and cultural concepts like never before.

Term and/or Summer Abroad

Secondary students are given an opportunity to attend a partner boarding school abroad to expand their historical, linguistic and cultural knowledge while developing independence and character.

Corporate Career Programmes

Students are coached to meet university’s and the workplace’s future challenges through a range of career development programmes such as: guidance to top global universities; successful university applications; student internships at leading corporates; mentorships with business leaders; resume building; and interviewing skills.

Global Language Academy

At Sunmarke School, we offer students the opportunity to develop their language skills to ensure they stand out when applying for the best universities and the most exciting jobs. In this way, they are well prepared as global citizens to harness their skills to enter the international workforce.

Enrichment & Extracurricular Activities

We offer 80 extracurricular activities in high performance sports, the performing arts, ballet, music, journalism, debate, public speaking, community service, and more enabling students to pursue and expand their interests and develop their character.

Sunmarke Life

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Parent Testimonials

"Sunmarke School is an Outstanding school and provides an outstanding quality of education for all its pupils."

British School Overseas (BSO) Inspection authority report 2019-20

"Students’ learning skills are very strong. Outstanding personal development of all students is a significant key strength of the school."

KHDA Report 2019-20

"Sunmarke School is genuinely a ground-breaking school – and offers the broadest curriculum options of ANY other school in the Emirates."

"We encourage interested parents to visit this school. We are impressed by the commitment of the school to an open policy towards students of all abilities and the development of the curriculum to provide a far wider range of Sixth Form options than has been seen to date in Dubai."

"Sumarke meets the criteria of a “School of Character” five or ten times over. It is an “Outstanding School of Character” that makes a huge difference to the lives of the children in this school. Character and the idea of flourishing is embedded within everything this school does. I am hugely impressed."

Professor James Arthur

Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues at The University of Birmingham, UK

KHDA Report 2019-20

Sunmarke is the best school choice for us because my daughter is very happy to go to school every day. As a parent, I am highly satisfied with the quality of education provided here at Sunmarke School, as I can witness my daughter’s consistent progress and improvement each day.

I am really impressed with the STEAM programme they have here at Sunmarke. Moreover, my kids have the opportunity to explore and learn about environmental and sustainability programme as well. I am very thankful for all the opportunities Sunmarke is providing for my kids.


Parent, Sunmarke School


Parent, Sunmarke School


Parent, Sunmarke School

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